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A summary of the description of the type and activity category:

According to the above mentioned materials, the main category of the general group of products can be packaged into the following categories:

  • Aluminium Matting System
    Parking products
    stair nosing
    other services

Description of the company :

The group produces dermatological products in the field of the production of building materials and accessories, including aluminum, industrial and hospital patches, anti slip  and parking products.
The main activities of this group began in 2006 with the production license from the Ministry of Industry, the group's activities began with the design and production of prototype patches, known as wire rope samples. You can see the changes in this group:

history of the company

2007 - Activity of the group began in 2007 after obtaining a production license from the Ministry of Industries of the time, called Pima Pouyan Company for the production of aluminum droplets.

2010- After the feedback we found on the market, we started designing and manufacturing a massive PVC-core model to address the shortcomings of the original design.

2012- Due to the climatic variation in our country, we have been developing appropriate mountaineers with different climates for outer space and anti slip mounts for stairs.

2014- This year, it has begun designing and manufacturing high-speed jet skis, as well as a variety of stair brake and parking products.



Our company has pursued the following strategic goals in order to increase its productivity and maximize its capacity to maintain its competitive advantage:
Assessing the current status of the study and implementation of plans and identifying obstacles and proposing to eliminate them
Developing the culture of using modern building products in the country
Setting up educational programs for training and promotion of technical and scientific staff
Leading to using new technologies
Innovation and pragmatism in systems based on modern construction standards
Improving the quality and standard of the world in providing services with the goal of creating added value
Creating value added and more profitability for customers
Product development in order to cover more and more services


  • Quality: Use of quality raw materials in all products.
  • Innovation: Innovation in our products is one of the strategic goals and objectives of the group.
  • Guarantee: By using quality raw materials, we can guarantee all our products for one year.
  • Variation in design and color: By attracting diversity in color and design and taking into account the taste of customers, we are satisfied with them.

Responsiveness Hours

Every day from 8 am to 19 pm



address: No 49,Gollpar Alley, Motahhari St,Emam zadeh Blv,Qods City, Tehran

phone :  : (98)2146891581

Mobile : (98)9121451163

Email : info@doormat.ir

about us

The Doormat group is active in the field of manufacturing building materials and supplies, including aluminum, industrial and hospital patches, stair nosing and parking equipment.